Final Fantasy XV Gets a New Director and Wonderful Trailer

Let’s talk about this change of directors real quick.  First of all, it’s not a negatvie thing in that Tetsuya Nomura wasn’t taken off of the project because Square Enix didn’t like what he was doing.  No, they’ve picked Hajime Tabata to direct FF15 (Final Fantasy Type-0) so that Nomura can focus ALL his efforts on Kingdom Hearts 3:

In reviewing our development structure, we have decided to assign Hajime Tabata as the new director for Final Fantasy XV. Currently, Tabata and the entire development team are working, whole-heartedly, towards completing the production of Final Fantasy XV and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality Final Fantasy title to date. We invite every one of our fans to view the fruits of our labor through Final Fantasy XV’s demo, and promise to present a game that further surpasses expectations when the finished product is released. 

As the director of Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura has mainly worked on the original concept for the story and universe in addition to creating the characters. Hereafter, he will be focusing his efforts on the production of titles that can only be made possible by Nomura, himself, and delivering products that exceed the quality of past titles, starting with another one of his representative projects, Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix will continue to work on these titles with the best staff formation in an effort to deliver them to everyone as soon as possible and appreciates your continued support.  

Considering how eager people have been for KH3, this isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination and gives me hope that we might see these games sooner rather than later.  But that’s not where the Final Fantasy XV news stops.  At TGS, they also released a pretty amazing new trailer for the game, that’s just as great as you were hoping it would be: 

Yes, this definitely looks like a game that’s been in development since 2006.  The visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun.  I’m guessing the dialog at the end, “It’s been a long time coming…Almost there” is entirely intential.  Hopefully this is an indicator that the game is nearing the end of it’s long development cycle and will be in our hands next year (my speculation).  

Previously known as FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, the title’s development expanded and evolved to take full advantage of the capabilities of next generation platforms. While the main concept, world and story continue to be developed as originally envisioned, the First Production Development Team has further improved FINAL FANTASY XV’s action, gameplay elements and graphic quality to match the technology of the next generation hardware, as well as the expectations of players eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of SQUARE ENIX’s renowned First Production Development team.

What do you guys think of this new trailer?  I know a lot of people have given up on this game, or the Final Fantasy franchise in general, but frankly, this might be worth holding on to hope for.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!