Finally Some Details About The Doom 4 Beta

Bethseda has finally told us what it will require to get the Doom 4 Beta! According to them you will need a PS4, Xbox One, or PC to play it. The trick is that all buyers of the upcoming Wolfenstein will get the beta. What this means is that if you purchase the Xbox 360 version, you get the Xbox One Doom beta key. And of course if you buy the PS3 version of Wolfenstein, you get the PS4 Doom beta key.

Another interesting note from Bethseda was about console networks. If you get the beta on PlayStation you will not be required to have PS Plus to play it at all. If you get the beta on Xbox, you will be forced to purchase Xbox Live to play it.

Other than that, we still don’t get much else regarding the beta itsel. There is still no date, and old version of the title were said to be scrapped. Which means all the screenshots (like the one above) probably have no meaning. Instead the series is set to be “rebooted” from the origin.

Based off the fact that only next generation consoles get the beta, I assume its safe to say Doom 4 will no be released on PS3 and 360.