Fortnite Chapter 2 Brings a New Map, Boats, and More to the Game

After getting sucked into a blackhole and “ending” Fortnite, gamers awoke this morning to Chapter 2, which brings a number of changes. 

Fortnite‘s big event this past weekend seemingly ended everything. After sucking the world up, all fans would find when they tried to log into the game was a black hole. They couldn’t play or do much of anything. The mystery deepened when Fortnite‘s social media channel deleted everything and went dark as well.

While we all knew it’d be back in some form (it makes WAY too much money to be gone for good), the lack of information or ability to play for over 24 hours was a bold move. This morning, however, fans are able to pick up and play once more, with the debut of Fortnite Chapter 2!

More than just a new season, Chapter 2 dramatically changes things up. The map is entirely new, bringing new points of interest and layouts for gamers to discover. You can swim and ride boats now to traverse the island; there are a number of new places to hide (trash cans, haystacks), more explosive options, the ability to upgrade your weapons, and the option to carry (literally) teammates to safety.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and as more gamers log-in today, more secrets are likely to be found. In a press release, Epic said they want Chapter 2 to focus on more of the fun and “less grind” for gamers. As such, much of the Battle Pass challenges have been revamped as well.

There’s a lot to discover, but it’s neat to see Fortnite take such big risks when it comes to the game. Will you be playing Chapter 2 today?