Free Ni No Kuni DLC Hitting PSN February 12th

Anyone who’s had any kind of conversation with me over the last week undoubtedly knows that I’ve been completely smitten with Ni No Kuni.  I just can’t get enough of this game.  It’s got a great story, old school charm, and has me more invested in a game than I’ve been in years.  To be honest, outside of maybe one or two games I know are coming out this year, I’d go ahead and label it my top game of 2013…Seriously.  If you’re not playing it, you should be. 

Sadly this new DLC doesn’t add anything to the wonderful story, but it does give fans a free new familiar (think Pokemon and you’ve got the idea) for players to battle with in the form of Draggle.  The new familiar is coming to Playstation Network on February 12th, and as an extra bonus, check out this new trailer they released for it: