Free Pokémon Snap Update Out Now Adds 20 Pokemon and New Stages

It’s time to attach your favorite camera lens and get back out in the picturesque world of Pokémon Snap. That’s because new Pokémon and areas have been made available, via a free content update, for players to continue their journey of being Pokémon Masters of Photography.

This free Pokémon Snap update adds 20 Pokémon and three new areas of the Lental region to explore and snap pictures of the game’s most beloved creatures. Plus, you’ll even be able to see Pokémon from a never-before-seen vantage point, as the NEO-ONE will now shrink, making Pokémon appears gigantic, in a new hidden part of Florio’s Island.

For more details on the new content and regions, see below:

  • Secret Side Path – The NEO-ONE shrinks when you explore this secret side path in Florio Island’s nature park, so the Pokémon you see here look gigantic.
  • Mightywide River – A large nurturing river flows through a rugged valley on Belusylva Island, providing the entire island with sustenance. You’ll be conducting research as you ride down the river, so be on the lookout for rapids.
  • Barren Badlands – In this area, you’ll research the badlands of Voluca Island, where dry winds from the desert blow. This area has many peculiar features, from geysers to poisonous, gas-spewing swamps.

The Pokémon Snap free content update is available now on Nintendo Switch.

To see a few preview snaps of the free content update, see below:

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