Friday The 13th Game Hits Kickstarter

Friday The 13th: The Game has hit Kickstarter and is sitting at a little over $50k at the time of writing this. The developers are asking for $700k to make it a reality, and you have 31 days left to make it happen.

The game revolves around being a 1 vs 7 online title where one person gets to be Jason hunting down the weak camp visitors. There are moments where you can attack Jason, but the game will not encourage it.

Adam Sessler, former game journalist from G4, is also helping raise awareness of the project and hopes to see it come to light.

The game was actually already being made and was in project stages when the concept came to light, then the studio behind Friday The 13th contacted the developer and offered to team up with branding.

We love working with publishers, most of them are great companies to work alongside. Fans of the “Friday the 13th” film series know that when it comes to Jason Voorhees, violence, gore and nudity aren’t just concepts to consider – they’re necessities. Collectively, we wanted to make certain that this game delivers the same kind of fun, brutal scares and creative kills that the franchise is known for and didn’t want to risk having to tell our story with a “T” for Teen rating. We don’t want that. You don’t want that.

The Kickstarter is a hope to expand the game, including adding in a single player experience. It could also be a way for the developers to gain traction and possibly work with a publisher. P.T. inspired Allyson Road recently did this by abandoning their Kickstarter to work with a publisher instead.

Let us know, would you be interested in playing a Friday the 13 horror title?