Full Version of Hell Architect Releases Next Week

Next week you’ll be able to design your own personal version of the underworld, when Hell Architect arrives on PCs!

Though players were able to get their hands on a “prologue” version of the game back in June, next week (August 18th) brings the full release for Hell Architect, which still looks like a lot of damn fun:

Hell Architect takes the classic survival-sim genre and adds a devilishly new twist to the gameplay. Dropping you into the role of an architect of hell, you will be tasked with creating and building ever more inventive ways of managing (and torturing) the sinners who arrive there. With a host of hell themed building and crafting options at your disposal you will be able to research and construct evermore intricate rooms and put your sinners to work harvesting materials to construct your torture devices! Expect dark humour and gory themes aplenty! Let your imagination run wild and craft the hell of your dreams (or nightmares!) and don’t forget to impress the big boss, Lucifer himself.


Features of Hell Architect:

Create the Hell of your dreams: Flex your creative muscles to design, build and furnish 9 infamous levels of Hell in the single player campaign mode, or spend a hellish eternity designing your own chaotic masterpiece from scratch in sandbox mode.
If you build it, they will suffer!: Begin with basic buildings like power stations (yup they need those in Hell too!) and canteens for your hungry workers and expand your empire to include shrines and intricate torture contraptions to increase the level of suffering for your weary residents.
Management is key: Harvesting resources, building an infrastructure and expanding your Hell will be key in your success. A constant stream of new lost souls will provide more hands to use, but will require managing to keep them working.

Crack the whip: Treat the sinners sent to your humble abode to different fun (or not so fun) sources of suffering, be it punishing them for disobedience or just for fun. Your Hell, your choices.
Hell never looked so good: The stylish 2D art style perfectly blends with the brutal, gorey themes and is topped off with outstanding dark humour.
Guest appearances: Play as Legendary Characters, a motley crew of history’s most despicable sinners who drop into your domain, each possessing special abilities to help build your devilish masterpiece.

Will you be picking up Hell Architect on Steam next week?

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