G4 Launch Date Finally Announced

Yeah they know they have been messing with our heads for who knows how long now, but G4 is finally coming back and this time it is for real.

G4 released a teaser trailer for their first official air date of November 16, 2021. The teaser is classic G4 style making fun of some gaming meme’s, and a concept of buying a random fake limited edition PS5. Oh and that super sleek Xbox fridge gets a major nod too.

That is all the good news, but the question still remains how we will get to watch it. I have been watching this channel since “TechTV” days, and at one point the channel became a “premium tier” channel for whatever reason, at least in my region. That meant in order to watch it you literally had to pay for it, and re-runs of Cops nearly 24/7 didn’t justify the price. So hopefully this time around it’s a bit more widely available.

The teaser also notes that G4 TV will be “making content for gamers, and WITH gamers,” meaning that there may be some live streams or content that includes fans as well. Maybe this is also hinting at some major live streamers filling in the gaps? You can head to G4TV.com to find out more info on that soon.

Either way I’m really hoping for 24/7 gaming related content, and not 1 or 2 game shows and the rest be re runs of Cops and Ninja Warrior…..

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