GamesCom ’13 PlayStation Conference Recap


Indie Games

Let’s start off with the slew of Indie Games Sony showed off.  They’ve made it pretty clear that they were devoted to the indie communtiy, and their announcement of games coming exlcusively to the PS3/Vita/PS4 (at least timed-exlcusives) made that pretty clear.  Here are the games they announced were having their exlcusive console debuts on the Sony platforms:

* Minecraft (PS4)
* Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Vita and PS4)
* Wasteland Kings (Vita and PS4)
* Rogue Legacy (Vita and PS4)
* Fez (Vita and PS4)
* Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Vita and PS4)
* Velocity 2X (Vita and PS4)
* Starbound (Vita and PS4)
* Volume (Vita and PS4)
* N++ (Vita and PS4)

It’s a pretty hefty list and doesn’t even include all that they showed off during their E3 conference.

The Vita

Finally the Vita is getting some love, and based on all they showed, it’s about to become my next console purchase.  On top of announcing a much needed price cut, they also discussed these things:

* Remote play with the PS4 will work almost exactly like the Wii U’s GamePad.  You’ll be able to play your PS4 games on your Vita via a Wi-Fi connection so that others can use the TV in your house at the same time. 

* Murasaki Baby was announced and looks like a quirky/weird game in all the best ways.

* Big Fest, a sort of Music Festival Tycoon game, was announced.  I’m interested in this one.  I’ve always felt touchscreen controls were well suited to these kind of games.

* Probably among the most exciting news for Vita owners is that Borderlands 2 will be ported onto the handheld system sometime in 2014.

PS3 Small 


Sony wanted to let people know for sure that they were up and abandoning the PS3 just because a new console was on the horizon, and so they talked about it first and foremost:

* Gran Turismo 6 got an official release date plus a special 15th Anniversary pre-order bonus.  The game will be releasing on December 6th, and a movie is currently in the works.

* They also announced that any games you buy for the PS3, that are coming out with PS4 versions, you’ll be able to download on the PS4 for a “significantly reduced price”. 

* A 12GB PS3 is launching at a $199 price point…but why on Earth would you want that?



This is of course what most people were looking forward to hearing more about during Sony’s GamesCom conference.  The next generation is a hot topic and gamers are eager to know more about the system, and more importantly the games they’ll be playing:

* inFamous: Second Son got a brand new trailer.

* The PS4’s Playroom (a bunch of AR games from the looks of it) is going to be pre-installed on every single system.  Basically it’s entirely free, but you’ll still need the camera to utilize it.

* A new trailer for Watch_Dogs was also released, showing some of the content coming exclusive to the PS4. 

* These games were announced and showed some interesting trailers, but no real timeframe was given for them:

Rime (looks like Ico and Wind Waker had a baby)
Shadow of the Beast
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (from the creators of Dear Esther)
War Thunder (a FTP MMO available at launch)
Resogun (from the makers of Super Stardust HD)

* Here’s a look at the Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer in action.

* Twitch is also coming to the PS4 and will allow you to share your gaming experiences with the world.  It’s not an Xbox One exclusive deal. 

All in all, the conference was pretty exciting.  It showed off some great looking games, and gave us the release date we’ve been dying to hear.  While it may not have had the surprises or wow factor moments E3 did, it was a very solid outing that should leave gamers feeling excited.


What do you guys think of Sony’s offerings?  Which news has you the most excited?