GameStop Trying New Digital Customers Experience

GameStop has just announced that they will utilize the new Microsoft Azure to streamline users in their stores. Azure is the cloud computing technology Microsoft is using within Xbox to streamline their content. According to developers, Titanfall utilize the technology to help with AI computing in the game among other things. Thus an always online connection, something Xbox One initially included as a whole.

GameStop will be utilizing this same technology by allowing customers to stream game trailers right to their phones while within the store. Other ideas include a digital checkout process to help lines and wait times, this would allow users to add items to a cart and possibly process payment before ever reaching the counter.

This idea isn’t too far fetched as fast food chains, among other locations, are starting to utilize apps for faster check-out. Taco Bell for example allows you to order and pay at home, and as soon as you arrive you press a button and the order is sent to the staff. The only thing you need to do is listen for your name and chow down. It seems GameStop plans to have a similar motive, making it easier to purchase games off shelves or learn more about certain products.

Personally I find it interesting and would like to see how it works out within a retail chain. Something like this could be expanded in bigger stores too. For example actually getting help at Wal-Mart instead of roaming the store watching employees run away from you. What will be even more interesting is how they intertwine their used game market and trade-ins via the app.

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