GameStop’s Credit Card Is Not As Bad As People Make It

Yes, GameStop is introducing gamers to a new credit card that will function….well you know….like every single credit card every other store offers. Yet for some reason, this credit card is beyond evil and an absolute disgrace that proves why GameStop is the devil.


The card functions like your typical rewards card from what little details I could dig up of it. It will work alongside their Power rewards program granting users a ton of points just for signing up, and then additional points for using it within their stores. You know; use a GameStop card AT GameStop and you are rewarded for it with points. A big problem with the card though is the APR sitting at a nice 23%. Oh boy that’s a big percent, but as a consumer I know how these cards function and wasn’t too shocked by it.


Yet here people are calling GameStop out for it, so I decided to take these comments and compare the card with stores that the same people were praising. Amazon offers a very similar rewards card that has a rewards program and everything. Their APR? 19-24% as it floats and varies based on how the card is used. They have several different cards actually, and they all range in this price. Sony has their own PlayStation rewards card and once the APR kicks in for that it can be anywhere from 13% to 25%! Target RedCard credit cards have an APR of 22%. You get the point by now, other stores offer the same service at the same price.


Another problem people seem to have is “well now they ask me at checkout to apply.” I went school shopping for college to grab a few deals this past weekend. EVERY single store I checked out at asked me to apply for their card, every single one! Amazon has a banner that asks you to apply for their card, even if you already have it (as I do and it’s great!) Sony emails you almost weekly asking you to apply for their card just because you are a SEN member. Yet I walked into GameStop and their first question was about videogames, not about the card. It’s not like they spend any extra time anyways, the cash register needs to print that receipt either way.


If people are old enough they may remember “lay away” and realize that credit cards have replaced that, thus every store wants you to buy their card. It’s a way to make you come back and spend more money with them. Credit cards are a sweet alternative because even if you use them elsewhere, the stores still get a cut. EVERY single store is offering this in some regards, so why does GameStop get all the hate for joining in?


Do I agree with the practice? I don’t know. I do know it gets annoying being asked constantly to sign up for a new credit card, but I won’t push all my hate on one store for it. If you are a loyal frequent visitor of a store then these cards are great. As I mentioned, I have the Amazon card because I shop on Amazon all the time. Almost monthly I get something free or half priced thanks to the points. If you pay it off in a timely fashion there are no issues with it at all. It may even be handy for parents that have kids constantly begging to go to GameStop and perhaps want a new pricy Xbox or PlayStation.


I do feel bad for employees of GameStop, they now have yet another thing to push and have a valid reason for complaining about it. Some love the idea though, while others may struggle to sell it. That complaint coming from employees is legitimate. The rest of us complaining though? You just called GameStop out for doing the exact same thing every single other store around it does…. Perhaps it’s time to re-think our GameStop hate before the only way to buy a videogame is in the back of a Wal-Mart, where we need to search for a half hour just to find someone capable of opening the door……