GameStops Rental Service Is Delayed

GameStop had announced a “PowerPass” program that would allow customers to rent used games. The service is $60 for 6 months, and you can “check out” a single game at a time. Once you return the game you can then check out another one. At the end of the program you can keep any game you want for free. The service was slated to start later this month, but it has now been delayed.

GameStop released a statement that says the program has been “temporarily paused” due to “system glitches” that they had found in early releases of the program. It has been soft rolled out in some locations which have encountered errors on how the system tracks the rented games. Stores that had the program already have been told to remove all advertising for the program and to hault the service. Any person that had already subscribed will get a full refund for the program, along with a free game of their choice.

There is no word on when GameStop plans to finally release the program, or what software glitches need to be handled. There may also be changes to the program, but hopefully nothing too drastic as it was a gamers dream come true.