Gearbox Working On Remake Of PC Classic Homeworld

Sierra On-Line/Relic Entertainment/Gearbox Software

A remake of the epic PC space strategy classic Homeworld is in the works and will be released digitally. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software made the announcement at PAX Australia over the weekend.

The Dallas, Texas based studio will bring over the original Homeworld and its sequel, Homeworld 2, in both their original and a newly remastered HD format. In addition, both titles will be distributed in a digital format exclusively via Steam, however no date has been set for their release.

The title, orginally created by Relic Entertainment in 1999 and distributed by gaming legends Sierra On-Line, was an innovaitve title at its release by taking the real time strategy gaming genre and moving it into a 3D outer space environment. The game still enjoys a cult fan status even 15 years after its original release.  The title was a recent acquisition to Gearbox due to the bankruptcy and asset liquidation of former rightsholder THQ in early 2013