Get Brutal in the Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

I was already really excited for the Mad Max game, but now that we’ve got our first real look at the gameplay, I can barely contain myself.  On top of looking gorgeous, the game just looks like a lot of fun.  The brutality is there, the survival aspects and resource gathering look intriguing, and in general I can’t wait to get my hands on it: 

My biggest take away from this trailer, is just how much this FEELS like Mad Max.  It’s not just a post-apocalyptic background (which other games do), but all the parts working together give this a great sense of being part of that ‘world’.  It’s a setting I’m eager to play around in, and crossing my fingers it plays as well as it looks.  What do you guys think? 

Set in the post-apocalyptic future, the trailer provides a glimpse into the desperate struggle Max faces after losing it all – his family, his car, his sanity – and the steps he must take to survive in the harsh and desolate Wasteland. For the first time, players get an extended look at the deep car customization, metal grinding vehicular combat, brutal melee combat and a wide range of other activities they can engage in during their quest to build the ultimate survival vehicle, the Magnum Opus, and find solace in the Plains of Silence.

Mad Max will be released on September 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.