Get Ready to Go Back to School in New Two Point Campus Trailer

As the launch for Two Point Campus nears, SEGA has released a new trailer for the game to prep players to return to school.

There’s just a few weeks to go before Summer break is over and school is back thanks to Two Point Campus. The upcoming university sim got a new trailer this morning, showing off more of what players can expect to experience through the academic year.

People often wonder what really goes on at school when classes aren’t in session. Shenanigans? Witchcraft? Giant robots? In Two Point Campus, the academic year is your chance to prepare the perfect university for your students, then watch it all come together – or maybe fall apart. Check out our brand new trailer to see the academic year in action!

In Two Point Hospital, your interactions with patients lasted only as long as they needed treatment. In Two Point Campus, the academic year gives you the chance to connect even deeper with your students. During summer break, you’ll customize your campus, choose which wild and wonderful courses you want to offer, and make sure everything is up to Two Point County’s impeccable standards. Once you’re feeling good to go, the academic year kicks off and students can flood in to marvel at your masterpiece.

The job is far from over, though. You’ll need to keep students entertained to keep them happy, well-rounded individuals. Throw a dance party in the student union, maybe install more Love Trumpets to inspire heartfelt romantic confessions. Students struggling with their homework? Hire a pastoral support assistant to lend an ear, or build some more study cubicles. At the end of each academic year, you’ll be graded based on student performance. So…are you an all-star educator destined for tenure, or a flunked out failure?

Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that lets you live out your dream of running your very own campus environment – complete with wild and wacky courses like spell-casting wizardry, dragon-slaying knight school, or top-secret spy school.

Two Point Campus launches for PC on August 9, 2022.

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