Get to Know the Flower Division in the New Sakura Wars Trailer

A few weeks ago, SEGA announced the release date for their upcoming Sakura Wars reboot. Before we play the game, though, we should get to know the Flower Division and its unique members.

SEGA has released a Story Trailer, depicting the gorgeous Japanese animation, Steampunk tech, and original story within the world of Sakura Wars. Check it out:

Now that you know what the Flower Division is all about, it’s time to meet the unique members of the once-distinguished branch of the Imperial Combat Revue.

Seijuro Kamiyama VO: Yohei Azakami

Formerly a captain of an auxiliary ship in the navy, he was reassigned to the Imperial Combat Revue to oversee the reformation of the Flower Division.Sakura Amamiya VO: Ayane Sakura

A novice stage performer who joined the Flower Division to follow in the footsteps of her idol, onetime mega-star Sakura Shinguji (star of the original trilogy). She believes strongly in defending Tokyo and lifting the spirits of the populace, and fervently prays the theater will eventually be restored to its former glory.Hatsuho Shinonome VO: Maaya Uchida

A shrine maiden whose beauty draws visitors to her family’s historic Shinonome Shrine. Born in the working-class neighborhoods of central Tokyo, she’s a true child of the city who loves her people, her festivals, and everyone in the capital. Despite her brash exterior, she’s a dependable comrade.Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake VO: Saori Hayami

A sweet, intellectual girl from Luxembourg who always has her nose in a book. Her ferocious curiosity about the world drives her to read every day and learn about all kinds of topics.

Azami Mochizuki VO: Hibiku Yamamura

A descendant of the Mochizuki clan of ninja, she displayed a tremendous aptitude for martial arts, battle tactics, and weapon-handling from a very young age. Thanks to the strict training she has undergone her entire life, she believes unquestioningly in the 108 Village Rules passed down by her clan, striving to obey them at all times.Anastasia Palma VO: Ayaka Fukuhara

Star of the European stage who hails from Greece. She recently transferred to the Tokyo revue after spending time in various revues around the globe. A world-class singer and actor, she has the charisma and confidence to play everything from the male lead to the bewitching temptress.

As you play through the Sakura Wars story, you’ll be able to experience the following:

  • Dramatic Character Interplay – Engage with a colorful cast through the dynamic LIPS dialogue system where what you say and how you say it has a profound impact on relationships off and on the battlefield.
  • Exciting Combat Payoffs – Your bonds with team members flow into the high-energy combat finale of each episode, featuring action-packed fights with giant steam-powered mecha.
  • Brilliant Anime Production – Gorgeous animated sequences, a lush soundtrack, and characters designed by anime and JRPG luminaries will transport you into a vibrant 1940s steampunk Tokyo.

Sakura Wars releases on April 28, 2020 on PlayStation 4. Physical editions of Sakura Wars include a reversible cover featuring the original Japanese cover art for the game, along with a sticker set featuring the main cast of the game. Sakura Wars will feature Japanese voice acting with subtitles in English, German, French, and Spanish.

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