Get Yo’ Popcorn Ready! T.O. Graces the Hall of Fame Cover of Madden 19

When you think of the game of football and of those who came before and changed the game, one of the first people that has to come to mind is Terrell Owens.  Love him or hate him, he changed the game and it made it a ton of fun to watch.  Over an incredible 16 career T.O. amassed 1,078 receptions, 15,934 yards, and 153 TDs, good enough to make him 8th all-time in receptions.  His accollades include being a 6-time Pro Bowler, a 2018 Hall of Fame inductee (though, the fact he wasn’t in on first-ballot is a travesty), and now Cover Man for Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition.

Much like last year’s G.O.A.T. Edition, the H.O.F. edition won’t have much of a difference in comparison to the Standard Edition, though the cover athlete will be different this time (likely a current star).  It’ll still be the same game, but it will include all the pre-orders that come with the Standard Edition (1 Elite Player from the NFL Team and 5 Gold Team Fantasy Packs for MUT), and 5 Elite Hall of Fame Legends, 1 Training Pack, and 7 additional Fantasy Packs for MUT.  Unless you’re a big player of Madden Ultimate Team, that’s not really a convincing reason to purchase the H.O.F., but there is one thing that could change your mind.  For those who purchase the H.O.F. edition, you’ll get to play the game 3 days early, on August 7!

Now, it is Madden so outside of the cover athlete, how much more is there to talk about for a game that releases annually.  The answer is, plenty.  It’s probably best to let the Sr. Producer of Madden NFL 19, Carlos Guerrero, to break it down for us,

“We’ve worked directly with community members on Madden NFL 19 to make a deeper, more immersive football game that gives players what they want more choice, more control, and key enhancements to fan-favorite modes; Real Player Motion technology combined with all new franchise-building tools like Positional Archetypes and the return of Custom Draft Classes are features that football fans will find fun and engaging. Madden NFL 19 steps up the authentic football experience in so many ways.”

So, as they do every year, EA Sports is trying to make the game as realistic as possible with the improved Real Player Motion technology.  It’ll likely make the game feel smoother, with more realistic tendencies and TD celebrations.  With the return of TD celebrations in real-life, this really was a must-have.  That’s not the only thing that’s being updated, though.  New features for Franchise mode are on the way and there’s one that’s especially exciting, Custom Draft Classes!

In Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode, players can choose the offensive and defensive schemes that best fit their playstyle as they compete in single player and/or multiplayer seasons. Schemes are also linked to a new intuitive progression system – based on authentic positional archetypes – that give virtual coaches the tools and the big decision to either win now or build their squad for the future.  NFL fans will also have a top community-requested feature with the introduction of Custom Draft Class Creator where fans can create their own draft classes featuring players from the past and present for use in Franchise.

The Custom Draft Class Creator may just be the closest we’ll ever get to NCAA Football coming back, as you’ll be able to create your own monster draft class to pluck from when it’s draft season in franchise mode.  It’s definitely an exciting advancement in the game.  I am curious about the new progression system, though.  A few years ago, they absolutely bombed the progression system and made it near impossible to have any growth.  The last few Maddens have redeemed the franchise but it’s worrisome anytime they try improve that specific system.

For the MUT fans, there are a few changes on the way for you guys too, highlighted by the new Solo Battles Mode.  In Solo Battles, you can challenge the best of the best to test your skills.  There will be a leaderboard to track your progress, as well.

EA will definitely give us more details by Saturday June 9, when EA holds their E3 Press Conference.  Until then, you can mull over which edition you want to buy before Madden NFL 19 releases on August 10, 2018!