God of War’s Release Date Potentially Revealed

Since it’s reveal back at E3 2016 the newly revamped God of War has intrigued fans and gamers.  Every piece of footage we’ve seen since that announcement has only looked more and more impressive.  After a couple less than engaging entries in the popular franchise, it looks like the new setting/story is set to revamp Kratos and his violent adventures.  

Fans are plenty excited for the game, but so far Sony’s been reticent in revealing a release date for the game; saying only it’s coming in “early 2018.”  With the PlayStation Experience going down this weekend, many are expecting we’ll finally get a firm launch date for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.  Honestly, it would be a bit surprising if we DIDN’T get a release date for the game at this point, and it possible it leaked out early. 

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An update to God of War‘s product page on the PlayStation Store (initially spotted by Wario64), shows a March 22, 2018 release date for the game.  Considering that fits well within the “early 2018” parameters and syncs up with the original games release date (back on March 22, 2005), there’s a good chance this could be a legitimate release date.  

As of now, the page has been updated again to show the regular December 2018 placeholder.  This could mean the March date is real and someone accidentally revealed it early, or it was just a general mistake.  In the past we’ve seen similar leaks turn out to be true, while others were off the mark (as was the case with Mass Effect Andromeda).  We’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out.  Hopefully this weekend brings confirmation one way or the other…