GTA 6 To Feature Female Lead, Revolves Around Bonnie And Clyde

GTA 6 will feature the series first female co-lead in the franchise since the original game, according to a report on Bloomberg.

The game will feature a Latina female lead, which one part of a Bonnie and Clyde type story. The franchise has had playable female characters before, but not within the new 3D landscape and eventual success in GTA3.

Along with the news is that the game will evolve after launch to include new cities and areas to explore. Initially the game will launch with a city replicating Miami, rumors suggesting a return to Vice City, but after launch several new cities will be added. It’s also noted that the Miami city alone will include more interior places to explore than any game in the franchise.

On the flip side, some reports are suggesting that development of the title is taking longer than expected. The addition of new cities after launch is said to be a result of the studio scrapping initial plans of calling the game “Project America” which was going to include several massive hubs to explore, which was scrapped to prevent crunching in development. Rumors from there are split as some suggest a lot of developers have quit due to the slow nature of development, while others are celebrating the change in culture. Most however seem to suggest the game is more than 2 years from launch.

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