GTA VI In Production; Location Still Undecided

A few years ago, Rockstar knocked it out of the park when they released, the game of the year award winning, Grand Theft Auto V.  It was beloved by all, so much so, that people flocked to buy it again when it came out on Next-Gen consoles.  Fast forward three years after GTA V‘s release and it’s time to start Grand Theft Auto VI.

According to multiple reports, Rockstar has now begun production on the next game of their flagship series.  This is exciting news for GTA fans.  However, the news comes with a bit of a double edge.  As of now, Rockstar doesn’t even know where GTA VI is going to be set.  Thus, making it a little hard for the art guys to start landscaping the game.

Despite that unknown, it hasn’t stopped people from guessing where it could be.  Right now, the popular idea is GTA: Tokyo.  Back in 2003, Rockstar made a trip out to Japan, in order to figure out the best way to create a game in that setting.  However, the project was ultimately scrapped due to creative reasons.  It makes sense that people would go back to that conclusion.  I, for one, don’t think that’s the route they’ll go, as they’ve invested too much into re-imagining U.S. cities for GTA.

Think about it the radio stations, cars, business, and even language would all have to be changed in order to do a GTA: Tokyo.  That isn’t to say it wouldn’t be possible, just not probable. 

This brings us back to the overall question, “Where will GTA VI be located?”.  

Let’s see, they’ve done New York (Liberty City), Miami (Vice City), SoCal (San Andreas), New York again, and SoCal again.  Suffice to say, the map is pretty wide-open.  Rockstar does have the trademark on GTA: Sin City, but it that almost seems a little small of an area.  Although, they’ve done more with less and a Las Vegas style GTA would be pretty sweet.

Where would you like to see Grand Theft Auto VI located?  Join the conversation in our comment section!