Guerrilla Games Announce Killzone Shadow Fall

Herman Hulst, managing director of Guerrilla Games has announced Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4, showcasing a demo of their latest works in action.

The demo beings with the player upon a futuristic fighter jet flying over a towering city. After landing, the player is ushered through security before an explosion renders him unconscious. Upon waking, a woman screams for help and -what appears to be- a friendly marshall shoots her dead, before revealing its true identity; Helgast.

The player kills the enemy and assumes control amid the ensuing chaos. Battling, ducking, covering and blasting across the map, the player eventually tracks an enemy plane, kills its crew, plants a C4 and jumps to safety. Almost immediately, the player is surrounded by enemy planes, the camera pans outward and the screen fades to black.   

As the demo ended, Hulst pressed the ‘share’ button on the PS4 controller, sharing the demo instantly on Facebook.