Guillermo del Toro Possibly Made The Upcoming Fallout 4 Trailer has spotted a resume from del Toro’s staff that lists all the projects he has been credited with. On that list? Fallout 4! 

According to the Linkedin profile the person worked on the “Fallout 4 cinematic trailer” and the project started as early as December 2014 and lasted up until March. Seems reasonable really. Granted anyone can make a LinkedIn page and add random stuff to it, so we do take this with a grain of salt, but it does get excitment going. 

Bethesda has yet to officially confirm that Fallout 4 is even in existance, but supposed leaks and rumors have been floating heavily thanks to the announcement of them hosting their own E3 Conference. You can check out what we think will be at the event

If this is true, it is rather awesome!