Gundam Versus Shows Off its Game Mode

You know me. There’s not a giant monster or robot I’m likely to shy away from. And my love for the Gundam series is very strong. It’s hard for me not to get into a video game that allows me to pilot my favorite Gundams while imagining it’s me in that cockpit swinging a beam saber till my childhood heart is content. Looking at this trailer for Gundam Versus makes that child start to get a little giddy. Check this out.

Okay so we have multiple Gundams from different genres of the franchise battling against each other in fights we probably, who am I kidding, will never see in a cartoon. And I’m okay with that. Everyone has their favorite Gundam series and who wouldn’t want to see their particular favorite represented and finally end the nerd arguments of which one could whoop the other? But you won’t be just fighting it out against each other. The game will offer story and co-op modes so you can have the ultimate team up of those Gundams. I will say that I will reserve my full opinion till I get some playtime with the game and the controls. If it can replicate some of what Gundam: Dynasty Warriors was I will be happy. Gundam Versus comes out September 29th, 2017 and will be a PS4 exclusive.

-Jason The X

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