Halo 5 Micro-transactions Pass $1.5 Million

According to Microsoft, Halo 5: Guardians micro-transactions have surpassed $1.5 Million. This is up from a little over $1 Million in December, and $500 thousand shortly after the game initially launched a few months ago.

Microsoft has noted that funds raised from the Req Packs (microtransactions) will be added to the Halo World Championship prize pool. Currently the pool is sitting at $2.5 Million as it started off at $1 million.

On the Halo Req Store, there are options to purchase packs  for anywhere from $2-$100, including a recently released $25 pack.

The interesting aspect is that the number may actually be higher for Microsoft as they noted “only a portion” of the req purchases go into the pool. As of today the pool will not increase any further, and the winning team of the upcoming March championship will walk home with $1 million.

The Halo Championship’s take place in March with 16 teams from around the world, two of which are from North America. The event will take place in Hollywood, but the venue will be announced on March 4th.