Halo 5’s Free DLC Released Plus New Game Mode Hitting Beta

The new update adds two new maps, Skirmish at Darkstar (Warzone) and Tyrant (Arena), along with new vehicles and other smaller content. The update also adds a new Hannibal option for the Scoprion and Mantis.

The official website breaks down every piece of content and update, and there is a lot. Along with the new content is updates to multiplayer, more Forge gameplay, and adjustments to vehicles and weapons. The update also adds some more weather effects.

Also coming with the update is the reveal that a beta test wil be held for the games upcoming new game mode, Warzone Firefight, which will be held April 14 through April 18. The beta test will be held exclusively on the Warzone map Escape from A.R.C, but additional maps will be playable when the game mode launches in full this summer.

“Up to eight players will fight together and utilize the Halo 5: Guardians Req System to complete five rounds of increasingly difficult, dynamic objectives set against a timer to emerge victorious.”

Lastly more req packs were added including a new Mythic Req Pack that will be only available through April 21st. The req pack includes 10 Mythic single-use power weapons and one ultra rare or legendary weapon or vehicle. The req pack contents can be used in both Warzone and the upcoming Warzone Firefight.