Halo 5’s Player Stats Will Be Open To Third Parties

343 Studios announced that the API for Halo 5 will be open to third parties to create programs or compile stats for their projects. The stats that will be open include:

  • Service Record (Life-to-date stats for each player)
  • Match History (Access to each match played)
  • Carnage Report (Complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match)

“Giving the community the ability to compile stats will allow developers to craft their own statistical story and experiences,” 343 said.

The API is currently in testing phases right now, but is expected to go live with the game. The open API means that third parties will be able to compile player stats for their websites and apps, allowing them to expand beyond the game. Good news for those that don’t want to wait around for a mobile app.

“We know you’ll surprise and delight us with inventive and unexpected uses, and we can’t wait to see what you develop and share with the Halo community later this year and beyond,” 343 said.