Halo Infinite Will No Longer Be an Xbox Series X Launch Title

Word comes this afternoon that Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2021, meaning the Xbox Series X won’t be launching with it…

While game delays are understandable (and almost always lead to a better product) they are, nonetheless, a bummer. Today comes as a particular blow to Xbox fans looking forward to playing the next Master Chief adventure this Fall. Halo Infinite has been delayed, just a few weeks after its big gameplay reveal.

The announcement came just moments ago via the official Halo social media account, with a message directly from develop 343 Industries:

Again, like I said, it’s a bummer. And from the looks of it, Microsoft’s brand new console won’t be launching with any major first-party title. And yes, it’s still coming this year (November to be exact according to the recent post on Xbox’s site).

Will this delay impact your decision to pick up the Xbox Series X later this year?