Hyper Scape Unlocks Turbo Mode Next Week with Max Loot & Faster Games

It wasn’t all that long ago that Ubisoft‘s battle royale game, Hyper Scape, fully released. However, that isn’t stopping them creating and implementing new game modes. During the latest UbiForward event, the publisher showed off a new limited time game mode that drastically speeds up the futuristic urban shooter.

This is Turbo Mode.

In Hyper Scape: Turbo Mode, all weapons and loot are at max power. So, when players drop into the game, they can immediately make an impact. Rather than scrounging around for gear to fuse. Furthermore, the environment deteriorates faster pushing players to the crown at a more rapid pace.

Hyper Scape: Turbo Mode kicks off on September 15, 2020, but it’s only going to be around for a limited time.