Ideas of Metal Gear Solid 4 Becoming Reality

Video games are known for their far fetched ideas. Just like science fiction books, video games dream up worlds of make believe, but somehow some of those ideas become reality. We may not be flying around in jetpacks yet, but smaller things have shown up.

Lately we have heard news that a “Iron Man” suit will soon hit the army. Thats right, comic books are coming to life! Well next in line is something a bit more user friendly, ID tagged weapons!

In Metal Gear Solid 4, the main character Snake talks about weapons utilizing ID’s on soldiers so they function right. If a different person, say an enemy, picks up the weapon it will then lock and become useless. Good idea right? Well the idea is coming to life with Smart Guns.

Smart Guns are not guns that work with your smart phones, but insted utilize new technology to only fire if you are wearing a bracelet or watch that is paired with the gun. If the bracelet is within the specified distance (say on your hand using the gun) then the gun has a light that turns green and allows it to fire. If the bracelet isn’t within reach of the gun then the light turns red and the gun locks up, becoming useless.

The idea of “Smart guns” has even gone beyond that before. There have been ideas of gun grips reading your specific fingerprints in order to work, and other technology to help lock guns. This is all in effort to help protect gun rights, but at the same time provide some safety features to them.

I think so far the ideas are great. No it isn’t exactly “ID tagged weapons,” but the idea is neat and I couldn’t help but think of Metal Gear Solid 4 when reading about this.