Insane Platformer ‘I Want To Be Human’ Releases Next Week

i want to be human 011

Rising Star Games, the publisher of previous titles including a selection of Harvest Moon games for the 3DS, a follow up to the astounding 9 persons, 9 doors, 9 hours and a wide range of other titles have just announced the release date for the bats**t crazy (in the best kind of way) platformer for the PC. 

i want to be human 004

Originally appearing online through Steam Greenlight on New year’s 2014, I Want to be Human tells the tale of a young vampire girl fighting through the pits of hell to save her ‘lover boy’. A ‘lover boy’ that just happens to have been turned into a hat. Blast through hordes upon hordes of enemies with your trusty shotgun as you platform around five seperate worlds of levels to save your … hat. 

i want to be human 018

It’s unclear for the moment whether or not the title will deliver on the upgradeable shotgun and unlockable vampiric abilities promised in the original Greenlight page. I will say though that with a tonne of over the top gore and an ‘edgy electopunk’ soundtrack featuring the talent of Jimmy Urine it sounds like ‘I want to be human’ has certainly been going in the right direction since getting picked up by a publisher. 

I Want to be Human will release on Steam and other online retailers on the 15th of April for $14.99.