Intellivision Reveals 5 Colors For Their Amico Console

While Intellivision’s all new gaming console won’t arrive until next year, they’re using E3 to show off the swanky color designs you’ll be able to buy for the Amico. Come inside to take a look!

If you like your gaming consoles to come in a variety of colors, you’ll be happy to see what Intellivision has in store for the Amico console. Today, they’ve revealed their new system will launch in five different colors for gamers to choose from:

Personally speaking, I’m all about that Red and Purple one, but which of these are you most likely to pick up?

Designed to bring people back to the roots of gaming, Intellivision Amico is a home entertainment system that invites everyone to gather and play games together side by side. It will have a robust library of new games as well as a few reimagined classics that are easy to control, fun to get into and designed to bring people together.

The Intellivision Amico will be available in Oct. 2020.