IO Interactive Announces New Way to Purchase Hitman

In the many years that I have been gaming, I have seen countless ploys video game companies have attempted in order to encourage gamers to purchase their next big game, including preorder incentives.  However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen what Square Enix is trying to do.

On March 11th, 2016, gamers can buy Hitman at the standard price of $59.99.  Included in it will be Three Massive Sandbox Maps, Future Maps, Contract Modes, Six Campaign Missions, and Live Content/Events.  Now, what if you weren’t sure about Hitman?  What if you didn’t quite want to spend close to $60.  Well, my frugal gamer friend, Square Enix has a package just for you!

Introducing the Intro Pack!  Gamers will get the opportunity to purchase the game and all its contents upon launch at the low price of $34.99.  This includes, Three Sandbox Maps, Contract Modes, Six Missions, and Live Content/Events.  The only thing missing is the future maps, which US will start receiving in May.

If you’re thinking, “Hey Matt, what if I want those maps?” Square Enix has already thought of that too! Intro Gamers can upgrade their pack to the standard pack for only $29.99! (Math?)

In the end, this new way to purchase Hitman just seems like a cheap ploy to get it in the public’s systems.  It doesn’t seem worth it.  You’re just paying more than the standard would have cost. That is assuming you enjoy the game.  Maybe the $34 could be worth it.  Who knows?

What do you think of the Intro Pack?