Is Kratos Headed for Valhalla? Concept Art Revealed

Over the last 4 generations of God of War games, we have experienced Kratos’ wrath on both Gods and Titans alike.  While we wait to find out what Sony plans to do next with the fallen God of War, IGN reports that Kratos could be headed North, to Viking Times.

On April 4th, industry insider under the twitter handle @Shinobi602 first teased that God of War was taking on Norse Mythology.  Afterward, the site NerdLeaks gained access to a massive amount of concept art images, proving the rumor to be true.  Below are just a couple of these images.




To see the rest of the images, click the link here.

Since then, Shinobi602 has deleted his tweets and announced regret for his hand in the leak. 

Sony has yet to confirm that the leak is true, but all materials point to a Norse-themed God of War. 

Assuming that the rumor is, in fact, real, it’s an awesome idea.  God of War has needed a reboot, of sorts, and creating an environment where all mythology can eventually be explored makes God of War that much more enticing.  Besides, as one of our team members, Chris, said there aren’t many Viking games out there.

What do you think of God of War taking on Norse Mythology?