Is This Amazon’s Game Controller?

Officially speaking, Amazon doesn’t even have a console on the way, but it’s pretty much happening.  The console will be Android based and connect to their own GameCircle storefront (supposedly).  This gaming pad seems to fall in line with it as it has your standard home and menu buttons, as well as a button to connect directly to the store. 


The rest of the controller looks like your standard gamepad (eerily similar to the OnLive controller) even though it seems a tad on the blocky side.  The images come from a Brazillain regulatory agency, like the FCC here in the States, and reported by The Verge.  Of course Amazon is keeping the lips sealed regarding these images, but I would be very surprised if they don’t make an official announcement in the very near future.  

What do you guys think about this controller design, or an Amazon box top in general?