It’ll be an All Out Brawl in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Closed Beta Coming Soon

From Augsust 25th through September 3rd, players will have the chance to take part in a closed beta test for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Players in North America and Latin America have until August 20th to register online to participate at: 

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is going to be the Final Fantasy brawler that fighting fans have been waiting for. The team based brawler will let players take control of memorable heroes and villains (with the help of our favorite summons) from the Final Fantasy universe in fast-paced 3-on-3 battles set in familar arenas. 

Fans can also look forward to playing as Blitzball legend and Final Fantasy X antagonist Jecht, who will be making his debut in the game when it releases next year.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be available for the PlayStation 4 system in early 2018.