It’s Official -The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

[UPDATE: Konami has been generous enough to shoot us some high resolution stills from Metal Gear Solid V taken from that sweet trailer (which you can see below).  Enjoy!]

TPP GDC2013-01

TPP GDC2013-02

TPP GDC2013-03

TPP GDC2013-04

TPP GDC2013-05

TPP GDC2013-06

TPP GDC2013-07

TPP GDC2013-08

TPP GDC2013-09

TPP GDC2013-10

TPP GDC2013-11

TPP GDC2013-12

Kojima showed up in the now popular bandaged head costume at GDC to show off some new trailers of Metal Gear Solid V. Sadly we still don’t know if it’ll be making an appearance on the Vita, but a Xbox 360 and PS3 logo show up at the end of the trailer.  The game apparently stars Solid Snake who has been in a coma for the last 9 years and is the worse for wear.

UPDATE: The trailer that Kojima showed off for the new game has popped up online for you to gawk at.

Stick around as the conference is on going. We will post the trailer and gameplay here, along with all upcoming details!