Justin Roiland’s Trover Saves the Universe Debuts With Hilarious Trailer

Ever since Rick and Morty debuted on Adult Swim, co-creator Justin Roiland has seen his particular brand of humor gain a certain cult following.  Capitalizing on that success, Roiland co-founded the game studio Squanch Games, which highlighted this humor and, subsequently, created a game unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  Sony debuted this game during their E3 2018 Press Conference and it had the gaming world cracking up.

This is Trover Saves the Universe

Not much is known about Trover Saves the Universe, but we do know that it will be on both Playstation 4 and PSVR.  How the two experiences will be different remains to be seen, but the trailer definitely has the wonderful Justin Roiland dark humor we’ve grown to love.  Furthermore, the graphics for Trover look absolutely stunning, with the rounded, almost claymation look.  

Trover Saves the Universe is definitely one we’ll keep an eye out as more information releases, leading up to its Early 2019 release. 

Plus, if you sign up for their mailing list, by clicking here, you can behind the scenes info and content!  It’s all part of their PR comic, which is another piece of material that makes Trover and Squanch Games even more unique!  Check it out and come back for more information as it releases!

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