Kingdom Hearts III Could Be Releasing This Year

The tweet has since been deleted and replaced with one stating that the date has not been released or confirmed yet. Is it too good to be true?

In September of 2014 we got news that Tetsuya Nomura left the development of Final Fantasy XV, another highly anticipated title by Square Enix, to focus solely on Kingdom Hearts III. At the time there was no word on how far along the game was in the development process. 

With the announcment at E3 in 2013 that the title was being developed, fans have been clamoring for as much news on this long awaited installation as possible. We’ve been fed a few videos of gameplay in the year and a half since the announcment, as well as been teased about the potential for Star Wars and Marvel worlds being included. I know I was personally hoping for the game to at least release in 2016. It seems that they may be farther along in the development process than we’ve anticipated. 

Who else is ready for the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III?