Kingdom Hearts III Opening Movie Sets Up Long-Awaited Clash

It used to be that one of the key components to an amazing game was an incredible opening cinematic.  It helped the player get in the mindset that what they were about to play was something simply incredible.  Nowadays, some games have steered away from a produced open, in favor of simply opening to the menu screen with dramatic music.  One game that won’t adopt this new method is Square Enix‘s upcoming finale, Kingdom Hearts III.  

They’ve released the opening cinematic trailer that puts us right back into the feels we had in 2002, when Utada Hikaru sang “Simple and Clean” on the first game, while setting up an epic clash between the Keyblade Masters and the villainous Organization XIII.  For Kingdom Hearts III, Utada Hikaru returns to collaborate with Skrillex for “Face My Fears“.

Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!

As the norm with these opening cinematics, the Kingdom Hearts III opening cinematic gives us a look at what will be the main plot of the Kingdom Hearts III story.  Throughout the first two Kingdom Hearts console games and all the other handheld ones that came in between, we watched as Sora and the rest of the Keyblade wielders fought against the darkness of the Heartless and Nobodies, in an effort to protect Kingdom Hearts from falling into the hands of the mastermind of Organization XIII, Xehanort.  This latest trailer shows the battle that’s taken 19 years to come together.

January 29, 2019 the fight for Kingdom Hearts will come to a conclusion when Kingdom Hearts III releases on Xbox One and Playstation 4!