Kojima Announcing Something at PS4 Launch Party

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, just sent out a Tweet that reads “Spike TV is one of the most popular cable TV channels in the US. There’ll be a shocking PS4 related announcement that will blow your mind.” 

The event will be aired tomorrow (thursday) at midnight eastern time, west coast will watch it at midnight at well, but by then the news will already be heard around the web. If you have satellite, watch it live and see what this could be. 

Will there be some exclusive stuff for Metal Gear Solid on PS4? Possibly a bundle or something new? What do you think it will be? 

Personally we heard the announcement of the new prologue to MGS coming early next year, and shortly after the Twitter streams to Konami said “more details real soon.” Putting it together, we haven’t heard any news about MGS since that point. To me, this means we will be seeing more MGS related news. Hopefully a retail version of the new title, so we don’t get stuck buying digital. Those of us that collect MGS stuff need physical games!