Kojima May Have Revealed MGS5’s Release Date

If you know Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear, then you know every time he steps out in a press conference there is something more going on. A countdown, a secret reveal, or a blatant troll to trick the entire audience. Remember we are talking about a guy that created an entire fake studio for an elaborate trick! 

Well according to fans he is at it again. If you check out the picture above you will notice his shirt has text on it, and fans have figured out the text is in fact Swedish. Reddit user zWePoNz has suggested the text covered up by his jacket reads “tjugoandra den sjätte.”

This translates to “twenty Second” and “sixth.” Now here is where theories come flying in from every angle, as fans normally do. The biggest theory so far is that this is a secret release date of the game, something fans have been begging to get for months now. This of course would mean the game has a June 22nd release date. It could very well be considering several circumstances. For starters Kojima has utilized entire presentations for hints before, including T-shirts. It is also worth noting that Kojima is not shy of June releases as MGS4 released on June 12th. 

However there are some other theories and another one that also has some traction on several forums is that Kojima is simply stating “Happy Holidays” to his fans. According to this theory the 22nd chapter of the 6th book (Moby Dick) by author Herman Melville is “Merry Christmas.” Kojima of course utilized Moby Dick as the name of his fake studio when revealing The Phantom Pain, and has utilized it as metephors throughout the game several times. 

So was Kojima revealing a date, or did he just say Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone?