Kojima Releases Full Render Of Studio Mascot

Via Twitter, Kojima revealed the above image with the description below.

“LUDENS, the icon of Kojima Productions. We’ll deliver THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit. The gear he’s wearing is the extra-vehicular activity(EVA) creative suit.”

Basically the suit allows the character to breath and move in space, so we can assume that the game will be heading in that direction. Though that still leaves a huge door open. The suit somewhat looks like a pilot for a mech, so maybe we will see Kojima return to mech battles?

Everything we know about the game is pure speculation at this point, and being Kojima he will let that linger for some time. However since we have seen a render now and see Kojima pushing things a bit more, we can assume that we may be lucky enough to see something at E3 in June.

The game is exclusive to PS4 and PC so we could potentially see a reveal at Sony’s E3 conference on June 13. The conference currently has no details on potential games to be shown.