Kojima Reveals A Long, Strange Trailer for Death Stranding

Last year, at E3 2016, Hideo Kojima exposed the world to his latest video game venture, Death Stranding.  It was dark, strange and left us all confused as to what was going on.  One year and 3 trailers later, nothing has changed.  

Last night’s Game Awards 2017 gave us an 8-minute cinematic trailer for Death Stranding that is awesome and comes straight out of left field. 

I’ve just resigned myself to the idea that our feeble minds are not meant to understand Hideo Kojima’s brilliance.  Also, until they give us a gameplay trailer, I’m taking up the theory that this isn’t a game, but a 60 hour-long cinematic experience for us all to sit back and enjoy.  Maybe they’ll throw in a random puzzle just to say it’s a video game.

Whatever it is, I want more of it and I can’t wait until they finally give us a release date for it.