Kojima Would Like To See Open World Remake Of Metal Gear Solid 1

During the Taipei Game Show in Japan, Kojima was asked what he thought about bringing older Metal Gear titles to PS4. You know, remasters that everyone else seems to be doing?

Well according to his response from Famitsu (translated by Dualshockers) he went directly to Metal Gear Solid 1. He noted that he “would love to see an open world” version of Shadow Moses, the location in the first title, and hopes to one day play that version of the game.

The bad news? He also noted that due to the need for a whole team of developers to make a new engine and tools he has no time to make it. Of course Kojima is in the middle of production for Metal Gear Solid : The Phantom Pain and Silent Hills, so it makes sense that he is a little busy.

Yet he didn’t shut the door entirely. He made it seem as though another studio could come in and remake the game under Kojima, they would just need to fill the needs of production. Sadly no studio has stepped up to make an offer.

This isn’t the first time Kojima has mentioned the remake. There was confusion in 2013 about a translation that stated the game was in development, but Kojima clarified it wasn’t but he would love to see it made in Fox Engine.

Obviously Kojima has some interest, and fans have a ton of interest, so I say let’s get this done! At least a HD style release would be rather neat if you ask me!