Konami’s PES 2017 To Be Released Earlier Than FIFA 17

Football (Futbol/Soccer) is, arguably, the world’s biggest sport, by a wide margin.  The second biggest doesn’t even come close to even sniff it.  In fact, it’s so popular it merits two games from two very separate entities.

Most likely, you’ve heard of EA Sports’ FIFA 17 coming out September 27, 2016 and globally on the 29th.  In fact, I covered my experience with the game during my E3 recaps.  What if I told you that there was another football game coming out two weeks earlier, at a cheaper price for some, AND ran on the same engine as Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain?

Enter Konami‘s Pro Evolution Soccer 2017!

PES 2017 is releasing on September 13, in the US, and the 15th for UK.  Konami has announced that it will run on their “Fox Engine” and will achieve new heights for visuals and gameplay.  That’s not all, though.  They have also issued a price point for PC, 360, and PS3 users.  Where you’d normally purchase a new game for $60 (which is still the case for PS4/XBOX One), Konami is offering PES 2017 for $40 for older gen users and PC.

The studio is also promising tons of bonus items for MyClub to those who pre-order the game.

So which game is likely to beat out the other?  Odds are that FIFA 17 will reign supreme but, in the end, we’re the real winners.  Publishing Competitions usually spur more bonuses for gamers, so reap away!

There is still no word on if Konami’s PES 2017 will have a story mode.

Which will you pick?