Kotal Kahn is back in MK11, Jacqui Briggs Gives a Him Warm Welcome

Kotal Kahn is returning in Mortal Kombat 11, but Miss Briggs has a few things to say to him before he resume’s his rule over OutWorld. Bascially, we got a Kotal Kahn reveal that was stolen by the amazing Jacqui Briggs reveal and I loved it! I am not the biggest fan of Kotal, but the Briggs family are totally some of my favorite characters in the series!

Anytime I play Mortal Kombat and start to get beat, I usually will I switch to either Jax or Jacqui in the next round and spam those heavy hit featured in both of their Kombat move sets. IM A SOAR LOOSER…Below, you can watch the trailer and the full KombatCast, the livestreamed KombatCast shows a bit more gameplay from both character and I have to see I cant wait till Mortalk Ombat Releases on April 23rd, 2019!