Legendary Digital and Square Enix to Produce Life is Strange Digital TV Series

If you haven’t yet experienced the multi-award winning video game by Square Enix, Life is Strange, episode 1 is now free to download on your console.  For everyone else who has experienced the game, another accomplishment has become a notch on their belt.  A live action Life is Strange digital series is being adapted by Legendary Digital Studios!  

The series will also be developed in conjunction with dj2 Entertainment, the people behind Sony‘s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog feature.

As for whether this will follow Max and Chloe, there’s no telling just yet.  In fact, IGN had an interesting interview with co-creator Michel Koch who explained,

“Unfortunately since it’s really the beginning of the creative process, we cannot really say anything for sure. There are tons of possibilities that are being questioned right now […] We need to see what kind of angle [Legendary] want[s] to tell. I think it was important for us in Life Is Strange that we were dealing with this teenage drama story, but at its heart it was much darker.”

He goes on to discuss how unsure he is about how much involvement DONTNOD will have with the series, alluding that this is Legendary‘s baby.  Since this is in early development, there isn’t much else to report.

However, as soon as we know we’ll let you guys know here!  Until then, catch up on the incredible series!