Lego Dimensions Story Trailer Released

Worlds collide in Lego Dimensions, as all your favorite characters from classic movies and cartoons are sucked away from their homes by random wormholes.  These characters must then unite against a common enemy in order to save every dimension across time and space.  It’s a small wonder why they’d need the Doctor then.

In this story trailer, we finally get a better look at the meat and bones of Lego Dimensions.  Before, we were just excited for sheer possibility of playing with so many awesome characters all in one game.  There aren’t many games where Batman can work with Gandalf and Marty McFly in Oz, at the same time.  However, this trailer has us that much more excited about the September 27 release date! 

Lego Dimensions looks to be an incredibly fun game for all to enjoy.  The fact that Gandalf is sucked away from arguably one of the most dramatic moments in cinematic and print history only to be paired up with Batman is just priceless.  Then, add two Batmans fighting over who is the real Batman and you’ve got audiences and fans rolling.  However, what may be one of the coolest factors of Lego Dimensions is that not only are you getting to pair up heroes but villains are also pairing up with other villains in foreign lands.  Just look at the Riddler on the back of the Balrog!!!  Or Sauron in the middle of Metropolis!!!  Then add a common enemy that is not only insane but pretty formidable and you’ve got this writer sold.

Lego Dimensions comes out on all major consoles September 27, 2015.

What do you think of the trailer?