Treasure Awaits Those Who Best The Menagerie in the Destiny 2 – Season of Opulence Trailer

Next week, the third and final confirmed season of Destiny 2: Forsaken kicks off with the Season of Opulence.  A new game mode, level cap, loot, and much more are in store for us.  See them all in the latest trailer!

The Drifter is just about to ready to pack up his bags, because his season has come to an end.  Next up on the Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC schedule is the Season of Opulence, where we’ll find ourselves reuniting with our old friend Calus to uncover lost treasure within the vaults of the Leviathan.  Additionally, the Season of Opulence will also feature a new 6-player game mode, called The Menagerie.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Season of Opulence kicks off next Tuesday, June 4, with Benedict-44 waiting in the Tower to make it official.  From there, Cabal Emperor Calus will bestow The Chalice of Opulence, which will serve as a vital tool for collecting powerful treasure.  You’ll bring the Chalice to the brand-new 6-player matchmade game mode, The Menagerie.  Beat the Menagerie and you’ll be gifted runes to trade for specific weapons and armor.

In a lot of ways The Menagerie is similar to that of The Reckoning, Season of the Drifter‘s method of gathering all of the Gambit Prime gear.  Much like how you upgraded the Mote Device to Powerful gear, the Chalice will also be upgraded and a Heroic difficulty will be added for an extra challenge and to help you get closer to the new level cap of 750.

As with the previous seasons, Season of Opulence will reset all Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit rankings, so now is your last chance to grind for the current pinnacle weapons.  Fortunately, new Pinnacle Weapons will be offered once the new season begins.  We’ll also see a new Raid, exotic weaponry, and events debut throughout the season.  You can find out when in the latest calendar.

As you can see, one of the exotics will be yet another hand cannon, with the Lumina.  That will make the 5th exotic hand cannon to release since Forsaken debuted.  Bungie and their hand cannons, I swear.  At least there will be a “new” Rocket Launcher!  A Quest for the Rocket Launcher, Trust, will be arriving June 11, 2019.  You may remember Trust from Destiny 1.

If you haven’t been playing the Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC, Bungie will give up-and-coming Guardians a chance to catch up, if they’ve already beaten the Forsaken story.

“All players who have completed the Forsaken campaign will be welcome to try the Menagerie once, as well as access the Imperial Summons quest. This will grant players Power Surge gear at 690 power to help them jump directly in to the new season of content.”

The Destiny 2: Forsaken – Season of Opulence begins June 4, 2019 and will run until August.  As more Destiny news is revealed, we’ll have it here on Cinelinx.

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