Madden 20 Adds Fast-paced ‘Superstar KO’ Mode, Featuring Lil Yachty and DJ Khaled

Madden NFL 20 is going from fast to breakneck speed. EA Sports has unleashed a new mode, called Superstar KO, and it’s likely the quickest game you’ll ever play. Check out the trailer within…

The NFL Season is hours away, which means EA Sports‘ Madden department is preparing for a long, arduous season of Player Rank and Playbook updates. Before the season officially kicks off, you won’t find any of their team members on vacation, though. That’s because they’ve clearly taken the Belichick phrase “No Days Off” to heart and come up with a new game mode that takes Madden NFL 20 to insane speeds.

This is Superstar KO.

Superstar KO is available on Madden NFL 20 right now and condenses the game of Football into two possessions. Before the game begins, you can run solo or squad up with friends to take on online squads in some PvP gridiron gravy. Then, you pick which coach you’ll roll with, which include current coaches and celebrities like Lil Yachty and DJ Khaled. After that, it’s all about assembling the best squad of superstars, rolling into the game, and dominating your opponent enough to steal their superstars.

It’s said that Superstar KO will only take about 5 minutes, but it will garner mega rewards for Ultimate Team and anyone just looking to scratch that football itch.

Making the game faster is something most sports games have been pondering how to do for some time now. Madden NFL 20 now has Superstar KO, but EA Sports isn’t the first to attempt this. A few months ago, I interviewed Ramone Russell of MLB The Show 19 and he stressed the importance of speeding up the game to allow a higher frequency of recurring players. EA Sports has been trying to do that as well, as they added an option to only play the important moments of games in Madden Franchise mode. It’s a 20-minute experience, which is great, but the downside is that it skips a lot of the game and punishes you at times with egregious losses and injuries.

Perhaps Superstar KO will be the piece to the puzzle most sports games have been seeking. Madden NFL 20 owners can find out right now, as Superstar KO is available now. For those who don’t own the game, you can try it out for free this weekend. In honor of the 100th NFL Season kicking off, Madden NFL 20 will be free to play from September 5 to September 9, 2019.

Madden NFL 20 is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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